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"01;8F0 3.1. #G0AB=8:8 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 2 !(, 1999 #G0AB=8:8 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 >;O (2 %) 68=8 M9 20,96% $@5448 0: 27,62% $5==8 M9 34,28% '0AB=K5 :><?0=88 17,14% AB>G=8:: $545@0;L=0O @575@2=0O A8AB5<0.  F5;>< @K=>: 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 2 !( E0@0:B5@87C5BAO :0: =081>;55 >1J5<=K9, 48=0<8G=K9 8 MDD5:B82=K9 @K=>: 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 A 2KA>:>9 4>ABC?=>ABLN 4;O =0A5;5=8O, >B=>A8B5;L=> =87:8<8 ?@>F5=B=K<8 AB02:0<8 ?> :@548B0< 8 25AL<0 =51>;LH8< A?@54>< ?@81K;8 ?> MB8< >?5@0F8O< ?> A@02=5=8N A 4@C38<8 >?5@0F8O<8 :><<5@G5A:8E 10=:>2 8 4@C38E D8=0=A>2KE 8=AB8BCB>2. 18 >45;L 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2: ?KB !( .: =AB8BCB M:>=><8:8 3>@>40, 1995 19 Robert Van Order, The structure and Evoluation of American Seconderry Mortgage Markets, with some Implications for Developing Markets// Housing Finance International, 2001 20 Dennis Marshall W. Residential Mortgage Lending. Third Edition // Prentice Hall Career & Technology, Englewood Cliffs. New Jersey, 1999.  HYPERLINK "http://ipoteka.cosa.ru/docs/document_25.php" \o "564C=0@>4=K9 >?KB 68;8I=>3> 8?>B5G=>3> :@548B>20=8O." \t "_self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B0:>3> @>40 AB@C:BC@0< >B=>AOBAO :@C?=59H85 >?5@0B>@K 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 "$M==8 M9", "$@5448 0:", 0 B0:65 Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLB). -B8 AB@C:BC@K >15A?5G820NB D8=0=A8@>20=85 4;O ?5@28G=KE :@548B>@>2, :>B>@K5 >ACI5AB2;ONB :@548B>20=85 =0A5;5=8O =0 68;8I=K5 F5;8.  4>?>;=5=85 : MB><C D545@0;L=>5 ?@028B5;LAB2> ?>;=>ABLN 2;0455B 5I5 >4=8< :@C?=59H8< >?5@0B>@>< 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 >AC40@AB25==>9 =0F8>=0;L=>9 8?>B5G=>9 0AA>F80F859 "68==8 M9" (Government National Mortgage Association, 8;8 Ginnie Mae), :>B>@0O ?@54>AB02;O5B 30@0=B88 8=25AB>@0< ?> 8?>B5G=K< F5==K< 1C<030< MBS, 2K?CI5==K< 4;O @5D8=0=A8@>20=8O 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2, ?@54>AB02;5==KE 2 A>>B25BAB288 A CAB0=>2;5==K<8 AB0=40@B0<8. 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F5;>< >1J5<K 45OB5;L=>AB8 ! <>3CB 1KBL ?@>8;;NAB@8@>20=K A;54CNI8<8 F8D@0<8: : 2000 3. >1I89 >1J5< 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 2 ?>@BD5;5 "$M==8 M9" 8 "$@5448 0:" 4>AB83 2095 <;@4 4>;;., >1J5< MBS 1 880 <;@4 4>;;., >1J5< 2K?CI5==KE A>1AB25==KE 4>;3>2KE >1O70B5;LAB2 MB8E :>@?>@0F89 A>AB028; 996 <;@4 4>;;.25 21 Kinsey, Mark A, and H..James Schwing. Regulation of the Secondary Mortgage Market. Housing Finance International, 2001 22 >;55 ?>4@>1=> >1 8?>B5G=KE F5==KE 1C<030E A<. 3;02C 1.5. 23 Order, Robert Van. The Structure and Evolution of American Secondary Mortgage Market, with Some Implication for Developing Markets. Housing Finance International. 2001. September. 24 "0< 65 25 Order, Robert Van. The Structure and Evolution of American Secondary Mortgage Market, with Some Implication for Developing Markets. Housing Finance International. 2001. September.  HYPERLINK "http://ipoteka.cosa.ru/docs/document_25.php" \o "564C=0@>4=K9 >?KB 68;8I=>3> 8?>B5G=>3> :@548B>20=8O." \t "_self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"0:, 5A;8 :C?>==K9 4>E>4 1C45B 8<5BL AB02:C =0 C@>2=5 6,5%, MB> >7=0G05B, GB> 4;O 705<I8:0 ?@>F5=B=0O AB02:0 A>AB028B 345-B> 7% 3>4>2KE, AB>8<>ABL :@548B=KE A@54AB2 ?;NA AB>8<>ABL >1A;C6820=8O (0,25%) 8 CA;C38 ?> 30@0=B8O< >?5@0B>@>2 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 (0,25%). &5==K5 1C<038 ?@8>1@5B0NBAO G0I5 2A53> O2;ONBAO AB@0E>2K<8 :><?0=8O<8, ?5=A8>==K<8 D>=40<8, @07;8G=K<8 45?>78B0@=K<8 8=AB8BCB0<8, 4@C38<8 8=AB8BCF8>=0;L=K<8 8 8=48284C0;L=K<8 8=25AB>@0<8. 26 Order, Robert Van. The Structure and Evolution of American Secondary Mortgage Market, with Some Implication for Developing Markets. Housing Finance International. 2001. September.  HYPERLINK "http://ipoteka.cosa.ru/docs/document_25.php" \o "564C=0@>4=K9 >?KB 68;8I=>3> 8?>B5G=>3> :@548B>20=8O." \t "_self" 2>72@0B : >3;02;5=8N 3.4. @0B:89 8AB>@8G5A:89 >17>@ @0728B8O 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 2 !(. 0728B85 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 2 !( 2> <=>3>< A2O70=> A >A>15==>ABO<8 ?@82;5G5=8O 4>;3>A@>G=KE @5AC@A>2 =0 MB>B @K=>:27. >A;5 B>@>9 <8@>2>9 2>9=K 2:;04G8:8 A15@530B5;L=KE 10=:>2, 0 B0:65 45@60B5;8 ?>;8A>2 =0 AB@0E>20=85 687=8 O2;O;8AL >A=>2=K<8 8AB>G=8:0<8 @5AC@A>2 4;O 8?>B5G=>3> @K=:0. "@048F8>==> A15@530B5;L=K5 (45?>78B=K5) CG@5645=8O 8A?>;L7>20;8 A@54AB20 2:;04G8:>2 4;O ?@54>AB02;5=8O 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2. 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AB>@8O @0728B8O 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 2 !( ?@>A;568205BAO A 1934 3., A <><5=B0 A>740=8O $545@0;L=>9 68;8I=>9 04<8=8AB@0F88. 5>1E>48<>ABL 55 A>740=8O 1K;0 2K720=0 ?>A;54AB28O<8 5;8:>9 45?@5AA88, :>340 @K=:8 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 !( E0@0:B5@87>20;8AL =0;8G85< 1>;LH>3> :>;8G5AB20 45D>;B>2 705<I8:>2, >1@0I5=89 27KA:0=8O =0 ?@54<5B 70;>30, :@548B>@K 8A?KBK20;8 >AB@K9 :@878A ;8:284=>AB8. "8?8G=K9 :@548B=K9 8=AB@C<5=B 2 B5 3>4K E0@0:B5@87>20;AO A;54CNI8<8 ?0@0<5B@0<8: A@>: :@548B0 5 ;5B A 2K?;0B>9 >A=>2=>9 AC<<K 4>;30 2 :>=F5 :@548B=>3> ?5@8>40. $ @07@01>B0;> 8 ?@54;>68;> 10=:0< AB0=40@B=K9 8=AB@C<5=B 4;O 4>;3>A@>G=KE, A0<>0<>@B878@C5<KE 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 (:@548B>2 A 0==C8B5B=K< ?;0B56><).  >BACBAB285 ;8:284=KE A@54AB2 10=:8 >B:07K20;8AL ?@54>AB02;OBL 4>;3>A@>G=K5 68;8I=K5 :@548BK, 0 >3@><=K5 C1KB:8 ?> =5?>30H5==K< :@548B0< A @>AB>< 157@01>B8FK 2A5 1>;55 2>7@0AB0;8. 'B>1K AB8<C;8@>20BL A?@>A =0 68;L5 8 0:B82=>ABL :@548B>@>2, 2 1938 3. 2 A>>B25BAB288 A 0F8>=0;L=K< 68;8I=K< 70:>=>< (National Housing Act) @028B5;LAB2> !( A>740;> 3>AC40@AB25==CN >@30=870F8N 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 "$M==8 M9". @8 MB>< AB028;0AL F5;L @5D8=0=A8@>20=8O :@548B>2, 70AB@0E>20==KE ?> ?@>3@0<<5 $. ! @0728B85< 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 "$M==8 M9" ?>MB0?=> ?@5>1@07>2K20;0AL >B ?>;=>ABLN 3>AC40@AB25==>9 :><?0=88 : G0AB=>9.  1954 3. G0ABL 0:F89 "$M==8 M9" ?5@5H;0 : ?5@28G=K< :@548B>@0<, :>B>@K5 ?@>4020;8 59 8?>B5G=K5 :@548BK.  1956 3. "$M==8 M9" =0G0;0 ?@>872>48BL 709<K =0 2=CB@5==5< @K=:5 >1;830F89 4;O A2>53> D8=0=A8@>20=8O.  1968 3. "$M==8 M9" AB0;0 :><?0=859 A> AB>?@>F5=B=K< G0AB=K< :0?8B0;><. 5 0:F88 0:B82=> ?@>40NBAO 8 ?>:C?0NBAO =0 LN->@:A:>9 D>=4>2>9 18@65.  1968 3. "$M==8 M9" @0745;8;0AL =0 425 >@30=870F88: =0 :>@?>@0F8N, CG@5645==CN A A>3;0A8O D545@0;L=>3> ?@028B5;LAB20, ?@8=04;560ICN G0AB=K< 2;045;LF0< 0:F89 8 >AB0282HCN 70 A>1>9 =0720=85 "$M==8 M9", 8 =0 "68==8 M9" :>@?>@0F8N, CG@5645==CN 2 @0<:0E 5?0@B0<5=B0 68;LO 8 3>@>4A:>3> @0728B8O. 5@2>=0G0;L=> "$M==8 M9" 8<5;0 ?@02> 2K:C?0BL C 10=:>2 :@548BK, 8<5NI85 AB@0E>2:C ?> :@548B=><C @8A:C >B $ 8 , => C65 2 1970 3. :><?0=8O ?>;CG8;0 ?@02> ?@>872>48BL ?>:C?:C B0: =07K205<KE "AB0=40@B=KE" 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2, =5 B@51CNI8E A?5F80;L=>9 AB@0E>2:8 ?> 8?>B5G=K< @8A:0<.  1981 3. "$M==8 M9" ?@8ABC?8;0 : @01>B5 A F5==K<8 1C<030<8, >15A?5G5==K<8 8?>B5:>9 (MBS), 8 MB>B @K=>: 2B>@8G=KE 8?>B5G=KE F5==KE 1C<03 AB0; A0<K< 1KAB@>@072820NI8<AO 2 1980-E 3>40E A5:B>@>< A8AB5<K 8?>B5G=>3> D8=0=A8@>20=8O !(.  :0G5AB25 3>AC40@AB25==>9 :><?0=88 "68==8 M9" AB0;0 >B25G0BL 70 @07@01>B:C ?@>3@0<< :@548B>20=8O, B@51CNI8E ?@028B5;LAB25==KE AC1A8489, 0 B0:65 ?@54>AB02;OBL 30@0=B88 ?> F5==K< 1C<030<, >15A?5G5==K< 8?>B5G=K<8 :@548B0<8, 70AB@0E>20==K< $ 8 30@0=B8@>20==K< . &5==K5 1C<038 "68==8 M9", >15A?5G5==K5 30@0=B859 D545@0;L=>3> ?@028B5;LAB20, ?>72>;O;8 8?>B5G=K< 10=:0< ?@>4020BL 7=0G8B5;L=K5 >1J5<K 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 =>2K< 8=25AB>@0<, :>B>@K5 =5 8<5;8 2 A2>5< HB0B5 A?5F80;8AB>2 ?> >F5=:5 ?0:5B>2 70:C?05<KE :@548B>2, => ?>;=>ABLN 4>25@O;8 30@0=B8O< ?@028B5;LAB25==KE AB@C:BC@. >@?>@0F8O "$@5448 0:", CG@5645==0O 0:>=>< 1970 3. " G@572KG09=>< 68;8I=>< D8=0=A8@>20=88" (The Emergency Home Finance Act), 1K;0 C?>;=><>G5=0 ?>:C?0BL >1KG=K5 AB0=40@B=K5 :@548BK (B.5. :@548BK, =5 8<5NI85 30@0=B89 D545@0;L=>3> ?@028B5;LAB20), 0 B0:65 :@548BK, 70AB@0E>20==K5 $ 8 30@0=B8@>20==K5 . #65 =0 A;54CNI89 3>4 "$@5448 0:" ?@54AB028;0 A2>N 8?>B5G=CN F5==CN 1C<03C, 2K?CI5==CN =0 1075 ?C;0 AB0=40@B=KE 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2. -B> 1K;0 1C<030 MBS "A5@B8D8:0B CG0AB8O 2 ?C;5 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2", :>B>@K9 2 ?5@2K9 65 3>4 1K; @50;87>20= =0 AC<<C 2 67 <;= 4>;;. >43>B>2:0 8 2K?CA: MB>3> A5@B8D8:0B0 1K;8 G0ABLN >1I59 AB@0B5388 "$@5448 0:", AB02OI59 ?5@54 A>1>9 7040GC ?@82;5G5=8O 8=25AB>@>2, :>B>@K5 @0=55 =5 CG0AB2>20;8 2 8=25AB8@>20=88 2 MBC AD5@C. 4=>2@5<5==> :>@?>@0F8O "$@5448 0:" 2K?CAB8;0 AB0=40@BK ?> :20;8D8:0F88 G0AB=KE :><?0=89 ?> AB@0E>20=8N 8?>B5G=KE >1O70B5;LAB2. #AB0=>2;5=85 ?>4>1=KE B@51>20=89 : AB@0E>2K< :><?0=8O< 2 7=0G8B5;L=>9 AB5?5=8 AB8<C;8@>20;> ?@8=OB85 :@548B>@0<8 ?@0:B8:8 G0AB=>3> AB@0E>20=8O 8?>B5G=>9 704>;65==>AB8 4;O :@548B>2 A 2KA>:8< LTV.  8N=5 1983 3. "$@5448 0:" =0G0;0 2K?CA:0BL =>2K9 284 F5==KE 1C<03 (REMICS), >15A?5G5==KE 8?>B5:>9, :>B>@K9 >B;8G0;AO >B ?@54K4CI8E 2K?CA:>2 8?>B5G=KE F5==KE 1C<03 B5<, GB> >=8 ?>72>;O;8 8=25AB>@0< 45;0BL =081>;55 ?@82;5:0B5;L=K9 A?>A>1 8=25AB8@>20=8O, 2K18@0O A@548 :;0AA>2 F5==KE 1C<03 A @07;8G=K<8 ?@>F5=B=K<8 AB02:0<8 8 @07;8G=K<8 A@>:0<8 ?>30H5=8O 1C<038, >15A?5G5==K5 548=K< ?C;>< 8?>B5:. A=>2=>9 F5;LN MB>3> 2K?CA:0 1K;> ?@82;5G5=85 B5E 8=25AB>@>2, :>B>@K5 ?@54?>G8B0NB F5==K5 1C<038 A D8:A8@>20==K< 8 :>@>B:8< A@>:>< ?>30H5=8O, 0, A;54>20B5;L=>, 2>2;5G5=85 2A5 1>;LH53> G8A;0 ?>B5=F80;L=KE 8=25AB>@>2 2 >?5@0F88 A F5==K<8 1C<030<8, >15A?5G5==K<8 8?>B5:>9.  70:;NG5=85 A;54C5B >B<5B8BL, GB> 2;8O=85 3>AC40@AB20 =0 @0728B85 8?>B5G=>3> @K=:0 2 !( 70:;NG0;>AL 2 A;54CNI5<: @02>2>5 8 =>@<0B82=>5 >15A?5G5=85 @0728B8O @K=:0 4>;3>A@>G=>3> 68;8I=>3> 8?>B5G=>3> :@548B>20=8O. !>740=85 A8AB5<K AB@0E>20=8O 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 ($545@0;L=0O 68;8I=0O 04<8=8AB@0F8O ($), 4<8=8AB@0F8O ?> 45;0< 25B5@0=>2 (). !>740=85 8 ?>445@6:0 @59B8=30 =0F8>=0;L=KE 035=BAB2->?5@0B>@>2 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 ?> ?@8>1@5B5=8N :@548B>2 =0 2B>@8G=>< @K=:5, 70=8<0NI8EAO @5D8=0=A8@>20=85< ?5@28G=KE :@548B>2 8 @07@01>B:>9 8 2=54@5=85< =>2KE :@548B=KE 8=AB@C<5=B>2 8 8?>B5G=KE F5==KE 1C<03. @8=OB85 A?5F80;L=KE ?@>3@0<< 4;O ?@54>AB02;5=8O :@548B>2 705<I8:0<, :>B>@K5 =8:>340 @0=55 =5 >1@0I0;8AL 70 8?>B5G=K<8 :@548B0<8 8 =5 @0AA<0B@820;8AL 10=:0<8 :0: 4>AB0B>G=> =0456=K5 705<I8:8, 8<5O =52KA>:85 4>E>4K. 27 >45;L 2B>@8G=>3> @K=:0 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2: ?KB !(, A1>@=8: <0B5@80;>2. =AB8BCB M:>=><8:8 3>@>40, 1995  HYPERLINK "http://ipoteka.cosa.ru/docs/document_25.php" \o "564C=0@>4=K9 >?KB 68;8I=>3> 8?>B5G=>3> :@548B>20=8O." \t "_self" 2>72@0B : >3;02;5=8N 3.5. 0=04A:0O 8?>B5G=0O 8 68;8I=0O :>@?>@0F8O. $545@0;L=>5 ?@028B5;LAB2> 0=04K 2A5340 C45;O;> 7=0G8B5;L=>5 2=8<0=85 >15A?5G5=8N 3@0640= 68;L5<.  1935 3. ?>A;5 ?@8=OB8O 0:>=0 > AC25@5==>< ?@025 =0 68;L5 (Dominion Housing Act). =0G0;8AL @01>BK ?> A>740=8N D545@0;L=>3> 68;8I=>3> 035=BAB20.  1946 3. D545@0;L=>5 ?@028B5;LAB2> CG@548;> &5=B@0;L=CN 8?>B5G=CN 8 68;8I=CN :>@?>@0F8N (Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation), 2 ?>A;54AB288 ?5@58<5=>20==CN 2 0=04A:CN 8?>B5G=CN 8 68;8I=CN :>@?>@0F8N (, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation). 5 >A=>2=K<8 F5;O<8 O28;8AL @0728B85 A>F80;L=KE ?@>3@0<<, ?><>IL AB@>8B5;L=><C A5:B>@C 8 A>740=85 A8AB5<K D8=0=A8@>20=8O 68;8I=>3> E>7O9AB20.  50-K5 3>4K M:>=><8:0 8, 2 G0AB=>AB8 AB@>8B5;L=0O >B@0A;L, ?5@56820;0 7=0G8B5;L=K9 ?>4J5<. @8=OBK9 2 1954 3. =>2K9 0:>= > 68;L5 (National Housing Act) @07@5H8; :><<5@G5A:8< 10=:0< 70=8<0BLAO 8?>B5G=K< :@548B>20=85< 8 @0AH8@8; ?>;=><>G8O 45OB5;L=>AB8 , A>7402 >A=>2K AB@0E>20=8O 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2.  1960-E 2 AB0=40@BK 8?>B5G=>3> :@548B>20=8O 1K;8 2=5A5=K 87<5=5=8O, =0?@02;5==K5 =0 ?>2KH5=8O 4>ABC?=>AB8 68;LO: LTV 1K; CAB0=>2;5= =0 C@>2=5 =5 2KH5 75%; 1K; CAB@0=5= 459AB2>202H89 @0=55 6% ?>B>;>: ?@>F5=B=>9 AB02:8 ?> :@548B0<; 2 1972 3. 1K;> @07@5H5=> CG8BK20BL 4>E>4K AC?@C38(0) ?@8 >?@545;5=88 @07<5@0 :@548B0. -=5@35B8G5A:89 :@878A 1970-E 3>4>2, @>AB 8=D;OF88, 2KA>:85 ?@>F5=B=K5 AB02:8 (4> 19% 3>4>2KE) 8 2KA>:0O AB>8<>ABL 68;LO A=878;8 4>ABC?=>ABL 68;LO 8 8?>B5G=KE :@548B>2 4;O =0A5;5=8O.  MB>B ?5@8>4  0:B82=> CG0AB2>20;0 2 ?@>3@0<<0E ?@54>AB02;5=8O A>F80;L=>3> 68;LO 8 AB8<C;8@>20=8O AB@>8B5;LAB20, :>B>@K5 ?@54?>;030;8 AC1A848@>20=85 ?@>F5=B=>9 AB02:8, C4;8=5=85 A@>:0 :@548B0 8 C25;8G5=85 LTV 4> 95%.  1987 3. =0 @K=>: 1K;8 2K?CI5=K ?5@2K5 F5==K5 1C<038, >15A?5G5==K5 70:;04=K<8. =8 A>459AB2>20;8 >1@07>20=8N =>2KE CG@5645=89, @>ABC G8A;0 8?>B5G=KE D>=4>2 8 C4;8=5=8N A@>:0 :@548B>20=8O. 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HYPERLINK "http://ipoteka.cosa.ru/docs/document_25.php" \o "564C=0@>4=K9 >?KB 68;8I=>3> 8?>B5G=>3> :@548B>20=8O." \t "_self" 2>72@0B : >3;02;5=8N  HYPERLINK "http://www.gdeparfum.ru"  INCLUDEPICTURE "http://www.gdeparfum.ru/images/gdeparfum_l.jpg" \* MERGEFORMATINET   HYPERLINK "http://www.informer.ru/cgi-bin/redirect.cgi?id=5_1_1_45_9_1-0&url=http://www.rbc.ru&src_url=elections3_1.gif" \t "_blank"  INCLUDEPICTURE "http://pics.rbc.ru/img/grinf/elections3_1.gif?43501" \* MERGEFORMATINET   HYPERLINK "http://www.informer.ru/cgi-bin/redirect.cgi?id=122_4_1_32_10_2-0&url=http://www.rbc.ru/meteo&src_url=weather/120x60_2_27612.gif" \t "_blank"  INCLUDEPICTURE "http://pics.rbc.ru/img/grinf/weather/120x60_2_27612.gif?81451" \* MERGEFORMATINET   HYPERLINK "http://top100.rambler.ru/top100/"  INCLUDEPICTURE "http://top100-images.rambler.ru/top100/banner-88x31-rambler-green2.gif" \* MERGEFORMATINET   HYPERLINK "http://top.mail.ru/jump?from=618348" \t "_blank"  INCLUDEPICTURE "http://top.list.ru/counter?id=618348;t=175" \* MERGEFORMATINET   HYPERLINK "http://click.hotlog.ru/?145205" \t "_top"  INCLUDEPICTURE "http://hit6.hotlog.ru/cgi-bin/hotlog/count?0.5369392624943411&s=145205&im=27&r=http%3A//ipoteka.cosa.ru/docs/document_25.php&pg=http%3A//ipoteka.cosa.ru/wexp/wexp_3.php%3Froot%3Ddocument_25.php&c=Y&j=Y&wh=1024x768&px=32&js=1.3&" \* MERGEFORMATINET  HYPERLINK "http://click.hotlog.ru/?145205" \t "_top"  INCLUDEPICTURE "http://hit6.hotlog.ru/cgi-bin/hotlog/count?s=145205&im=27" \* MERGEFORMATINET   HYPERLINK "http://www.rax.ru/click" \t "_blank"  INCLUDEPICTURE "http://counter.yadro.ru/hit?t23.13;rhttp%3A//ipoteka.cosa.ru/docs/document_25.php;s1024*768*32;0.9409425876215964" \* MERGEFORMATINET   @8 ?5@5?5G0B:5 <0B5@80;>2, >?C1;8:>20==KE =0 A09B5, AAK;:0 =0 A09B >1O70B5;L=0. Created by  HYPERLINK "http://www.cosa.ru" \t "_blank"  COSA Co. (www.cosa.ru), Moscow 2003    $&,.8:BDfh|~      " $ * . : F N P X ^ h                    0 : B D L N R V ,h _h _B* CJH*OJQJ^JaJph)h _h _B* CJOJQJ^JaJphh _h _B* CJaJphLV X \ P T   @ D X \ *,8:>@\`xz|~ԾԾԾԾԾ즍ucucucucucucucucucuc#h _h _5B* CJ\aJph/h _h _5B* CJOJQJ\^JaJph0h _h _56>*B*CJOJQJ\]ph.jh _h _B* CJOJQJUaJph+h _h _6B* CJOJQJ]aJph.h _h _6B* CJH*OJQJ]aJph%h _h _B* CJOJQJaJph&4 !$T&V&'()03T60:<@FK|QT $If`gd _ $Ifgd _$ & FO$If^O`a$gd _$$If`a$gd _ $Ifgd _*,LNPRXZln*.4BDPR^`|~Ҭ,h _h _B* CJH*OJQJ^JaJphh _h _B* CJaJph)h _h _B* CJOJQJ^JaJph/h _h _5B* CJOJQJ\^JaJphD$(:<FHdfnr  "8<JNbf (*02NPX\np)h _h _B* CJOJQJ^JaJphh _h _B* CJaJphV 26@BTVbdfhv~ 8:DHVX\^rt|~ "$)h _h _B* CJOJQJ^JaJphh _h _B* CJaJphV$,.>@JLTVdfrt68:<JLPR`bfh02@BZ\lnvx)h _h _B* CJOJQJ^JaJphh _h _B* CJaJphV  &(68NPjn &(*,.468Z\^`rtxz .268N\)h _h _B* CJOJQJ^JaJphh _h _B* CJaJphV\jlpr "26>@BDLNVXfhjl,.@BTVfjxz)h _h _B* CJOJQJ^JaJphh _h _B* CJaJphV   " $ , 0 D F L N b d p t                 ! !"!$!(!*!6!8!@!B!R!\!n!p!z!|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 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