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While the number of companies’ merges and acquisitions (M&A) has increased over the last years, the majority of the companies lacks in structured and repeatable approach of managing affairs in an effective and efficient manner. And while the devoted tools and statements support many other operational processes, the market for M&A management tools is still arising. However, for the last few years, various suppliers have started to develop the decisions based on virtual deal rooms as offering the specialized software of a project management to support M&A process. Though the majority of these decisions offers all-round privileges to clients, Forrester believes, that suppliers’ requirement take their decisions to the next level to unlock full potential of this appearing market[1].

M&A volumes reached approximately US$4 billion in 2006, eclipsing by a wide edge the previous report of approximately US$3.3 billion set in 2000. The United States was the most intended country for acquisitions, representing approximately 40 % of M&A global activity. At the end of December 2006 the value of M&A European affairs was US$1.4 billion, also surpassing the previous record set in 1999, with the Great Britain the most intended country[2].

To understand better M&A process, some examples should be shown.

The First two cases specify successful M&As:

1. Case: GE Medical Systems  

Under the leadership of Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric (GE) Medical Systems got Marquette Medical Systems (MMS), a private company, from Cudahy family in the end of 1998. Both organizations were placed in Milwaukee, but they had a history as bitter competitors. Each company had absolutely other organizational cultures. 

Marquette Medical has designed strong enterprise culture as defined by its founder that did not tolerate much bureaucracy. GE was a part of multinational corporation, heavily undertaken Six Sigma with a high degree of process orientation. Serious problems in union prevention and problems in privileges and award structures changes existed in Marquette Medical. 

Immelt and his leadership command spent essential time, meeting with employees of both companies - through town hall meetings, small focus groups and regular bilateral communications - to explain their vision for the new incorporated organization. They worked to create a shared vision for the future which all could capture. GE leadership personally addressed to the problems that were under - fastening of the association. They did not apologize for the strong GE culture and the control requirements demanded by GE. Instead they have explained why these control requirements were necessary .They believed to construct a shared desire for greatness by raising expectations and expressing enthusiasm and confidence. This merge of the companies was a big success and helped catapult Immelt into the main job in GE[3].

The second case is devoted to Prudential Financial, Inc. 

To strengthen Prudential Financial’s position as a global service provider of resignation, the company got resignation business of Corporation CIGNA in April 2004. New incorporated business had 2 600 employees. Helen Frye, Vice-president of Human resources for Prudential Resignation and a member of an incorporated command of leadership, declared that leadership has been hard involved in each aspect of integration and very visible to employees of both organizations.

The president of the  Prudential Financial’s headed “the command centre”, consisting of eight business leaders (half from Prudential and half from CIGNA), who met to establish  track advancement and a management. A leadership command declared in a place three months before business has been carried out. The command immediately concentrated on the building the leveled culture, including strong internal and external mark.

The Prudential Financial stock has won against Morgan Stanley Capital International index on more than 50 % after eighteen months after business was closed, showing a key role of leadership in maintenance of a positive management and a centre for the new established identity and culture[4].

The journal Mergers Unleashed informed that Warner Chilcott will pay $ 3.1 billion in cash for the consumer company in August 2009.

Procter and Gamble Company will deprive its pharmaceutical module for $ 3.1 billion in cash as pharmaceutical incomes continue to decrease.

Bermuda-headquartered pharmaceutical company Chilcott Warner Limited will get the business module in transaction which is expected to close by the end of the year. Warner Chilcott concentrates first of all on female public health services and dermatology. The buyer will get P&G's ulcer product Asacol HD, osteoporosis treatment Actonel. In July 2008 Cincinnati which is in Ohio P&G signed the joint agreement placed by Switzerland preparation manufacturer Novartis AG to advance Enablex.

Warner Chilcott Limited has sites in Crew, New Jersey; Millbrook, the Great Britain, Dublin, Ireland; and at Fajardo, Puerto Rico, and the companies have additional manufacturers in Puerto Rico and Germany.

Among troubles in pharmaceutical sector there were some sales of the companies’ actives of pharmaceutical production. In July the Irish Corporation plc of drug manufacturing concluded a strategic review with sale of Alzheimer’s immunotherapy program to Johnson and Johnson. In the same month module Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., the American branch agreed to buy Noven Pharmaceuticals Inc. Before the agreement Hisamitsu shared for 4.98 percent in pharmaceutical firm-manufacturer based in Miami.

On Monday Warner Chilcott stock traded at $ 20.20 for a share. Procter and Gamble  shares traded at $ 53.53 for a share on Monday. The inquiries placed

in Warner Chilcott and Procter and Gamble, have not been returned by a press time[5].

The Czech Business Weekly informed, that for the last decade M&A observed in energy sector in the Central and Eastern Europe and in the Commonwealth of the Independent states (CEE/CIS), has been characterized by a selected group of the international players of utilities (such as EDF, RWE and E.ON) that buy selected power,  concentrating on “soon-to-become-EU participants.” They have succeeded in establishing essential position in the central area, buying actives of distribution aiming at the building a strong basis of the client. Generation actives were considered more carefully.

But one scenario by the industry association Union for the Coordination of Electricity Transfer (UCTE), assumes that investments during the period 2010-15 are not sufficient to prevent reduction of generation capacities. The remaining ability would decrease below a threshold 50 GW to 2013. By 2015 the adequacy of generation for UCTE will not be met any more if the further investments are not made. And by 2015-20 the situation will quickly worsen. The remaining ability is noticed as "resolutely decreasing" by 2020, with the ability deficiency placed in 50 GW. The situation can be characterized now as follows:

- Number of players ready to get energy actives in the form of the international transactions has increased.

- After the whole service market was rather impregnable to the changes and events in other CEE countries, Russian government has approved the program of the policy, which purpose mainly: a) strengthen the position of the internal specialist subjects (mainly Gazprom), and b) allow foreign investors to enter the market. Whether it signals that the market is ready to open for foreign investments completely, should be noticed nevertheless.

- Gazprom has already joined the group of regional investment riders though its access to actives and/or to firms in Pan-European area was organized mainly through the joint ventures established with the other European players (such as EON or RWE).

The CEE/CIS area represents essential growth possibility for the Western European utilities companies. Till now ? 17.8 billion has been invested in sector, and further ?42.8 billion of action investments still lays forward, ignoring privatization in Russia - which has a potential to double this number1.

The Cleveland newspaper of Business informed that the National City received golden parachutes in October 2008.

 The best three heads of the National City will receive golden parachutes in terms of value at least $ 40 million after the company’s sale to PNC.

Based on the company’s calculation, these three heads should clear more than $17.5 million. That number is probably lower now because the small part of the indemnification is in a stock, that is why the company’s stock  value has sharply fallen since March.

Peter Raskind, the National City Chairman, the president and Head will receive approximately $ 8.8 million after taxes.

Daniel J. Frate, the vice-chairman of the company and the head of its bank services department  for physical persons, will receive approximately $ 4.4 million  after taxes.

Jon L. Gorney, the executive vice-president of corporate operations and information services should receive approximately 4.3 million after taxes.

Many corporations sign contracts with these heads which pay huge sums if "change in the control" occurs. Change in the control can be something from sale to companies merging with other bank which attracts the most part of its management.

The explanation offered by the National City and other companies, is the following:  managers require stimulus to remain with the company long enough to pass a transition period passing to other owner.  $ 7 billion investments in the National City in April did not make considerable changes.

If the former financial director Jeff Kelly did not leave last month, he would receive approximately $ 9.2 million in privileges of rupture and other payments after taxes1.

[1] Occurrence the Market of Tools of Management M&A on September, 9th 2008, pp.11-12

[2] Integrated solutions Lay a way To More tempted Management M&A Дэниелом Krauss, Pascal Matzke with Thomas Mendel, the doctor of philosophy, Charles Green


[3] Human the Inter-announcement of Institute of the Capital, Stimulating Growth in M&A: the Leadership and Culture Role, on January, 16th 2007, p.17

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