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Классификация безэквивалентной лексики


Классификация русской лексики - предоставлена классификация безэквивалентной лексики современных англоязычных печатных СМИ, выходящих в России.

Мы попытались провести классификацию русской безэквивалентной лексики, функционирующей на страницах англоязычных газет, издаваемых в России. Безэквивалентная лексика не имеет эквивалентов в других языках - ни частичных, ни полных. Именно отсутствие эквивалентов в английском языке и явилось основанием для использования этих слов в классификации. В исследовании предложен смешанный вид разделения лексики - языковые основания классификации сочетаются тематическими:

1. Слова нового быта. К этой группе можно отнести те слова, которые начали употребляться сравнительно недавно:

Before the days of челноки (shuttle traders: people who go to Turkey, China, etc. to buy cheap goods, which they sell on the street or at markets), good Soviet folk could thank фарцовщики (black-marketeers) for their Western jeans and T-shirts. These guys would buy clothes off tourists or foreign students and resell them at a higher price [MT, No 2580, P.8].

Every day some 30,000 people visit Gorbuskka, perhaps the largest market for pirated music and films in Eastern Europe. There's an even better chance that whatever you find is pirtskoye, mass-produced by some shady outfit and sold without the original creators sharing a kopek in royalties [MT, No 2596, P. 11].

... but standing in endless lines for gummanitarka, or humanitarian aid, is their main activity [MT, No 1910, P.8].

2. Жаргонизмы:

а) молодежный жаргон:

Other slang expression for having a rip-roaring good time are отвязываться, отрываться, оттопыриваться and оттягиваться. All are cheerfully nonstandard, mostly youth slang, and totally inappropriate for what are called in Russian светские разговоры - civilized conversation. Я поехал в Анталию и оттянулся по полной программе (I went to Antalya and really cut loose.) [MT, No 2517, P. 8].

Russians call (his выпендривание or вынендрёж. I call it blowing hot air. [MT.No 2614, P.8].

Глюки slang, from галлюцинация (hallucinations). Can mean seeing things, or can be a real malfunction in a computer, car or other machine. Can be translated as glitch, problem or screw-up, "Приезжай скорее! Компьютер глючит (Come is soon as you can! My computer is screwing up!) Нy-ка посмотрим! Какие тут глюки?” (Let's see now... What's the problems here?!) [MT, No 2477, P.8].

б) криминальный жаргон:

...when businesses consolidate into holding companies not because only the kryska, or protection, afforded by an oligarch can ensure a more or less normal business environment for the business involved [MT, No 2380, P.10].

In prison it [men's urinal - Н.Я] is параша (gut bucket, piss can). [MT, No 2924, P.6].

Замочить: to kill, in criminal slang..мочить is the imperfective form

meaning "hit hard" or "kill," and замочить is the perfective, to finish the job, "to waste'' someone [MT, No 2497, P.8].

в) военный жаргон:

I’ll come back… and take off the bandage and put some zelyonka [an antibiotic ointment] on. You survived ... this terra they invented that day - to put zelyonka on meant to execute... [MT, No 1997, P.8].

...especially the dreaded OMON [Special paramilitary troops] units ... check points and harass civilians during zachistki, or "napping up" operations in Chechen villages [MT, No 1934, P.2].

Take hazing: In Russia, it's called дедовщина from the word дед ("old man," literally grandfather, a senior conscript nearing the end of his tour of duty).

Someone who received his demobilization order is called дембель, a wordplay on дебил (moron) and демобилизация (demobilization). Дембель can also bе demobilization, itself: Ушел на дембель (I was demobbed). [MT, No 2870, P.6].

Even now, while Shamanov is on leave, unidentified groups of federal troops arrive in villages sow terror by calling themselves shamanovtsy: Shamannov's men. Vladimir Shamanov - Ulyanovsk Governor, the former Lieutenant General [MT, No 2126, P.4].

Черемуха: bird cherry, army slang for tear gas [MT, No 2557, P, 8]

3. Советизмы, то есть слова, выражающие те понятия, которые появились после событий 1917 г. К советизмам относятся слова, связанные с жизнью советского народа:

The propiska system of resident permits was proclaimed unconstitutional, sc it reappeared with new name - registration [MT, No 1638, P.11].

... his [Okudzhava's - Н.Я.] lack of reverence for tie Soviet canon gave his poetry an air of freedom and protest that was largely embraced by the shestidesyatniki, the post-stalinist thaw generation of the 1960s. [MT, No 1654, P.11];

Kommunalki - соmmunal apartments where several families often share a

single bathroom and kitchen. [MT, No 1654, Р. 19];

... kommunalki - communal apartments in which the kitchen and toilet facilities are shared by a number of tenants [MT, No 1734, P.9].

Thus a sotka - a 100-square-metter block of land - in the prestigious areas of the Moscow region would like cost from $ 500 to $ 1000. [MT, No 1932, «Business extra» — еженедельное приложение к «The Moscow Times», P.VI].

4. Общественно-политическая лексика:

"Polittekhnolog" despite the way it sounds, has nothing to do with technology but is simply the person known in the West as a spin doctor. [MT, No 2450, P.4)

Another false friend is секвестр. In English sequester means "to set apart, to segregate, to hide from sight." A secondary meaning is "to confiscate, to seize, to impound property." In Russian it means budget cutting [MT, No 2594, Р. 11].

5. Инвективная (сниженная) лексика:

     Ниже Вы можете заказать выполнение научной работы. Располагая значительным штатом авторов в технических и гуманитарных областях наук, мы подберем Вам профессионального специалиста, который выполнит работу грамотно и в срок.

* поля отмеченные звёздочкой, обязательны для заполнения!

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