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The problem of the sense

R. Bart asserted that it is necessary to include in the phenomenon of the intertextuality the texts arising after the work. It is completely logical, as the text not simply exists after the spelling; it develops from one product including sendings to the initial text, to another. Hence, sources of the text exist not only up to the text, but also after it. Thus, the point of view of followers of J. Derrida becomes more then clear: they denied an opportunity of unique correct interpretation of the literary text and asserted the thesis about an inevitable inaccuracy of any perusal. Accordingly, perusal of the text without the knowledge of its “continuations in other texts” will not be full. Hence, the reader, coming back to the text, which he already has read, will find out in it senses, which haven’t been founded earlier and which have become obvious only after its correlation with other texts.

               Existence of numerous interpretations of one text testifies that reading itself is not a way to detect, find the sense, on the contrary, according to John Hills Miller’s concept, reading is “insertion of sense” in the text which “itself is not meaningful”. He asserts: “Reading of the text entails its active interpretation on the part of the reader. Each reader seizes product for this or that reason and imposes certain circuit of sense on it”.


               Considering the person only through a prism of his consciousness or even more narrowly as a phenomenon of written culture, post structuralists were ready to assimilate consciousness of the person to some sum of texts which, in their opinion, makes the world of culture. The entire world finally is perceived by them as the infinite, boundless text.

             In frameworks of post structuralists representations to the freedom of the interpretation assumed “a game principle” of functioning of consciousness, enabling the individual to create new senses or shades of sense Therefore when Derrida spoke about the “chasm” of possible semantic values, which is revealed before the reader as well as the opportunity of “free game of active interpretation” , and ”freedom of the interpreting consciousness” was declared.  


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