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History of influence of post structuralism on the development of the theory of intertextuality

Post structuralism – one of the most influential critical schools of the second half of the XX century, interdisciplinary in its character, has had an impact upon forming of the theory of intertextuality. Post structuralism is well known by its specific practice of analysis of texts – so-called “deconstruction” that is exposure of the internal contradiction of the text, as well as disclosure of the latent and inconspicuous (not only for unsophisticated “naive” reader but also for the author) “residual meanings” getting in a heritage from speech or discursive practices of the past, fixed in language in the form not realized “cogitative stereotypes “(I.P. Il’in).

Hence, from the statement it becomes clear, that intertextual inserts, were allocated from the general (common) structure of the text, accented on itself attention, thus adding additional semantic shades and complicating structure of the text.

Being one of the basic representatives of post structuralism, Jacque Derrida has formulated basic ideas of the system of views, made subsequently the obligatory canon of theory of post structuralism which were: idea of the decentration of the structure, idea of “trace”, criticism of multiple-valued concept “presence” and concepts of the “complete” person, and also the statement of a principle of “free game of idea“ and denying of the opportunity of existence any “origins” of any phenomenon. Thus, post structuralism, according to the system of sights, was a fertile field for occurrence of various cultural and philological directions, including intertextuality.

               R. Bart in his turn specified other necessary condition for any text which consist in the fact that “intertextuality can not be just a problem of sources and influences; it represents the common field of anonymous formulas which origin can be found out, unconscious or automatic citation , given without inverted commas “.

            Hardly later both these statements will be developed in the whole theory reducing all displays of the cultural layer to multiple-valued concept “text”, space “without the centre and without a bottom, endless and without the beginning” - which “is indefinitely open in infinity” 


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