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The Sea Fishing Port of Sevastopol is strategically placed on the sooth-eastern coast of the Crimean Peninsula in the Kamishovaya bay (lat 44° 37' N long 33° 32' E). General cargo, iron, timber, containers and other goods are handled round the clock every day. Except loading dry cargoes, the port realizes passen­ger transportation inside the city and on the local routs.

The port has more then ten berths (passenger and auxiliary berths also). The berth # 19 (220 m long), for example, is used to handle oil, diesel fuel and other liquid fuel. The maximum depth near the berth is 9.2 m. The maximum draft should not exceed 9 m.

The berths are equipped with different cranes with sufficient lifting capacity. There are different storage facilities, refrigerated warehouse and open storage areas in the port. Some berths are provided with the arterial roads of the country. The port is sufficiently provided with various motor vehicles. There is also a ship-repairing yard with some dry and floating docks where major repairs are possible. It is possible to replenish a vessel with fuel, water and food, to repair a hall and machinery.

Navigation in the port is all year round. But in autumn and winter the sea fishing port of Sevastopol is capable to take vessels with overall dimensions not more then:

length 175 m

            Breadth 23m

Tonnage 17 thousand reg. tons.

Permission to enter the port is given by Port Operation Department after the communication with a ship is established. Pilots embark or disembark vessels at exterior anchorage two miles from the entrance (Lat 44°37'N long 33°27'E). Masters of the vessels should advise Inflot Agency of ETA. Preliminary notice should contain name flag of the vessels, ETA, length, breadth, draft, maximum height.

The port provides all vessels with agents. The agent arranges everything nec­essary for the immediate berthing of the ship. He is obliged to advise port

authorities and the receivers of the cargo about the expected time of arrival. Through the control section the agent applies for drawing up papers in the Fron­tier Service and the Customs 24 hour prior to arrival. In two hours the agent coordinates the order of anchorage. In case of fever or other decease it is neces­sary to control the agency. The medical Officer usually requires me captain to produce the following documents: the Crew list, the list of passengers (if any), the bill of Health, the Disinfection and Deratization Certificates and the Ton­nage Certificate.



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