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International Sanitary Rules were adopted in 1926 by the International Sanitary Convention. Further they were changed, Specified and adopted in 1969 by the International Health organization and they are in force op till now.

Sanitary regime control its observation are realized by the Coastal state on international rules bases. International Sanitary rules are introduced in either country by the correspondent act of the Health department

If any foreign vessel doesn't fulfil sanitary rules regime then she cannot be detained in the port with the exception of time necessary for compulsory or forced sanitary treatment in case of yellow fever. The vessel can leave me port but during the whole period of voyage she cannot call at any other port of the same state sanitary rules of which had been broken by her.

Sanitary inspection of the vessels is conducted round the clock at the berth and only in the special cases in the roadstead. When ill man on board, lack of water, food, fuel, etc.

Pumping out of the ballast waters in me port water area is conducted only with the permission of the Sanitary Service. After washing the holds, water can be pumped out only with the permission of Sanitary Quarantine Service. All Sanitary operations are registered in the special book and sanitary certificate is given in case when all requirements are observed.

Isolation of ill persons, prohibition on import or export of certain cargoes, disaf­fection, deratisation are maintained in the interests of all countries and nations.




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