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Fire prevention measures of ships are provided by its constructive, organiza­tional and technical aspects and also by adequate actions of the crew in their fight with fire. It is noted that considerable per cent of fire accidents are con­nected with the explosion and ignition of light type fuel. Explosions of hydraulic systems, short circuits, defects in electrical equipment have also high frequency. Usually fire in the engine – room is the result of lubricants ignition in the bear­ings of the main and auxiliary mechanisms.

The other type of «thermal» accidents takes place because of the open fire that is because of sparks during welding process. But we mustn't forget about negli­gence of the crew or ship builder's shortcomings. It is necessary to observe re­quirements on storage of dangerous materials. Hold should be dry and clean with appropriate ventilation. Paints must have low thermal conductivity with the aim to lessen the spreading speed of fire.

Inflammable materials must have inscription and marking, be checked periodi­cally on validity and expiration date, leakage, tightness of cover and so on. It is compulsory far every ship to have highly efficient fire extinguishing system and also individual oxygen apparatus, means for hands protection, in a word every­thing that is necessary to safe life of every man at sea.



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