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Значок файла Ресурсний потенціал сільськогосподарських підприємств. Ефективність використання ресурсного потенціалу (5)


Значок файла Організація матеріально-технічного забезпечення (4)


Значок файла УРЗОВА Ю.А. МЕТОДИЧЕСКОЕ ПОСОБИЕ к изучению курса «ПСИХОЛОГИЯ ТРУДА» по теме: «Психологическое обеспечение профессионального подбора» Для студентов дневного и заочного отделений факультета психологии (26)
(Методические материалы)

Значок файла Методические рекомендации по выполнению дипломной работы для студентов специальности “Бухгалтерский учет, анализ и аудит” (34)
(Методические материалы)

Значок файла Методическое пособие для самостоятельной работы по теме семинара «Осознание ощущений и управление физическим телом – работа со здоровьем» (29)
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Form and Style Guidelines for Master's Thesis

A thesis is an integral part of the scholarly achievement of master’s degree candidates in
many graduate programs at Eastern Washington University. Approved theses are bound
and become part of EWU’s JFK Library. They will be catalogued and should have the
quality of a published volume.
The thesis guidelines provided here are designed to help students meet this high standard.
Minimum requirements for all theses are followed by general suggestions on handling
common problems in thesis preparation. Responsibility for final content and style rests
with the author and the candidate’s graduate committee. The Graduate Studies Office
will check for paper quality, margin, the signature page, and payment before accepting a
thesis for binding.
The University has policies and procedures in place to ensure that individuals conducting
research, including graduate students, comply with applicable federal regulations and/or
state laws governing the use of human subjects, the care and use of animals, significant
financial interest disclosure, scientific misconduct, intellectual property and copyrights.
If the student’s research is affected by any of the above, he or she must obtain University
approval prior to initiating the research. Further information and application materials
for institutional review and research are available from the Office of Grants and Research
Development, Showalter Hall 210B. T
Selection of Thesis/Oral Comprehensive Exam Committee
Every year, each academic department or program nominates faculty for designation as
graduate faculty. Nominees are reviewed by the Dean of Graduate Studies. Final
selection of graduate faculty is a formal process based on scholarship, area of interest,
and peer review. Each department maintains an updated list of faculty eligible to serve
on graduate committees with the Graduate Studies Office. This list also identifies faculty
eligible to serve as thesis advisors. Graduate Program Advisors and Department Chairs
can assist students with recommendations for committee selection. Departments may
change their approved faculty list as needed on a quarterly basis.
The selection of Thesis/Oral Comprehensive Examination committee members is an
important component of graduate student education. Committee members take a leading
role in assuring the quality of the research and of the document produced by students.
Selection of thesis members should be primarily based on the expertise they can
contribute to the research and writing of the thesis. A graduate student’s thesis reflects
on the academic unit, the individual faculty members serving on the committee, and on
Graduate Studies at Eastern.
Regulations on Style and Format
Styles differ considerably between disciplines, and may also vary within a discipline.
Therefore, in consultation with their thesis director and graduate committee chair,
students select a style appropriate to their discipline as exemplified by a style manual or a
published journal. Once a style has been selected, the student should be consistent in its
use throughout the thesis. Helpful style manuals and writing guides are available in the
bookstore, and professional journals are available in the periodicals section of the JFK

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